Aislado – Islandization

Project from the 5th semester of the ifs internationale filmschule köln
Germany 2017 | 82 min. | Documentary film

Many Dominicans with Haitian roots are currently experiencing a period of upheaval since a government ultimatum has expired urging Dominicans with foreign ancestors to legalize their stay. Although they have been in possession of a Dominican passport since birth, conservative groups are now questioning the citizenship of hundreds of thousands of Dominicans. They are immediately threatened with denationalisation and deportation to Haiti.

Julio and Alejandro are typical Dominican children: they speak Dominican Spanish, they love Dominican culture and they feel like Dominicans. However, they also face the threat of their Dominican citizenship being withdrawn and deported to Haiti, a country they have never visited before, whose language they do not speak and whose culture they do not know.


Director / Producer: Jo Müller, Zoltan M. Geller
Screenplay / Music: Jo Müller
DoP / Editing / Sound Design: Zoltan M. Geller


Awards & Festivals

  • 14th Verzió International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival 2017 in Budapest (Ungarn), nominiert im Wettbewerb »ZOOM IN«
  • 2nd Frame By Sound Festival 2017 in Santo Domingo (Dominikanische Republik), Preis für »Best Documentary«
  • 35th Long Island Film Festival 2017, New York City (USA)