Graduation Screenplay by Julia Charakter
Screenplay for feature film | drama | approx. 108 min.

Like an ellipse, the drama tells the story of a ten-year-old who tries everything to win the love of his mother.

Alyosha (10) grows up in a Russian-German world. He lives with his mother Marina (29) with grandma Nadja (54) in a very small space in a prefabricated housing estate. The relationship at home is tense, the mother seldom there because she has a new boyfriend. Aljoscha also has a hard time at school. But there is one thing that brightens his life: When he lights a match and focuses on it, the fire gives him what he longs for: inner peace.

Mother Marina dreams of a new life with her new boyfriend and his children from her first marriage. But the first meeting with Alyosha becomes a disaster. At the end a Barbie house is on fire – and Marina sits back in the train with Alyosha, helpless as to how her son should fit into her dream of a better future.

After a violent quarrel between Marina and grandma Nadja, Alyosha’s mother suddenly packs her suitcases and leaves. Without her son. The boy’s world gets out of joint. Now he fights with all means to win back his mother. He steals for her, does everything to improve himself at school – yes, he is even willing to throw away his beloved matchbox for Marina just to be back with her.

When Alyosha actually gets the chance to fit into the new family, he gradually realises that there is no room for him there. His pain discharges into a conflagration that threatens to destroy everything.


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