Despite All Doubts

Graduation film of the ifs internationale filmschule köln
Germany 2020 | Feature film | Coming of Age | 15 min.

Younus, 13, does not give up hope – despite all doubts! André, 30, became a father at a young age and is not really good at taking responsibility for his son. But this does not diminish the affection of Younus, who never misses a chance to get close to André. Fascination clings to the figure of the alien yet familiar father and mixes with an emerging interest in the male body: Blindly discovering, exploring and observing. The boy’s unspoken needs express themselves in ever more creative advances: A risky game of rejection and affection, whose tension is finally discharged physically.


Directing, Screenplay: Laurenz Otto
Alexander Conrads, Laurenz Otto
Mathis Hanspach
Editing: Antonia-Marleen Klein
Sound Design: Maximilian Rodegra


Johannes Degen
Daniel Michel