Graduation Screenplay by Nina Meyer
Screenplay for feature film | Coming of Age/family drama | approx. 90 min.

The 17-year-old Alice is a real circus child, with sticky hands from selling popcorn, little free time because of daily acrobatics training and a childhood illuminated by ramp lights instead of night lights. Besides her love for the circus, Alice has always been filled with endless admiration for her father, the director of the small family business. But he killed himself just a few months ago, tearing a deep hole in both the circus and Alice’s life. This fact, however, successfully suppresses her – as does everything else that doesn’t work out the way she imagines it.

Instead, Alice continues to live in the world of her childhood and youth and tries desperately to maintain it: walking barefoot through the mud between the caravans in the rain, staying overnight with her friends in the boxes with the animals at night, letting herself fall into nothing and into melancholy alone in strange cities.

But one day she learns of her mother’s decision to dissolve the circus. Alice is suddenly confronted with reality and has to awaken from her childhood dream. Can she somehow save the circus? And if not, what then?

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