Project film of the ifs internationale filmschule köln 2018 | 3. semester | 17 min.

A young photographer and his two friends arrive late for a photo shoot with an Internet influencer. A fast lifestyle, a fast shooting – The influencer is in a hurry and the photos have to be taken while walking. The fast pace of the influencer and his manipulative sayings disguised in dishonest friendliness become way too much for one of the two friends. He wants to protect his buddy from this wrong guy and show him the right way – in his own way. But whose way is right and who has the right to dictate someone how to behave?


Director: Thilo Vogt
André Becker
Dorian Dubel
Luisa Beuschlein
Editing / Sound Design:
Jonas Jablonski


Egor Reider
Samuel Prost
Jonathan Dorando
Tobias Schwieger