Europäische Werte – Kinderleicht

External project of the ifs international film school cologne
Germany 2007 | 1 Min. | Commercial

The spot on »Action Europe« illustrates European values.
With their short film concept, the students of the ifs internationale filmschule köln were awarded the contract for a “Aktion Europa” spot on the same topic in March 2007. The spot, in which European values are to be illustrated creatively, was advertised by the Press and Information Office of the Federal Government as part of the “Aktion Europa” initiative. In their adaptation of the popular television format “Dingsda”, in which children describe terms, the young filmmakers of the ifs skilfully play with the expectations of the audience – after all, the youngest generation of Europeans knows better than one might think…


Director: Markus Sehr, Hanno Olderdissen
Screenplay: Markus Sehr, Hanno Olderdissen, Daniel Rakete Siegel
Producer: Nima Kianzad
DoP: Sebastian Woithe
Editing: Daniel Rakete Siegel
Sound Design: Jan Blömeke


Moritz Klaus
Cosima Koschella
Sophie Lippold
Luisa Mix

Awards & Festivals

  • vdw award 07, Kategorie: Cast