Father Love

Graduation film of the ifs internationale filmschule köln
Germany 2021 | Feature Film | Drama | 29 min.

Markus is in his late 40s and works for a security technology company. His wife abandoned him ten years ago, leaving him with their daughter Emma, and Markus has been sinking into loneliness ever since. He tries online dating, but experiences one rejection after another.
Emma is 17, freshly in love and experiences the closeness and bond with her boyfriend Deniz that Markus longs for. When he accidently overhears Emma and Deniz having sex, he develops a dangerous obsession with his daughter’s relationship. While Markus initially tries to control his lust, after another failed dating attempt he fully dedicates himself to it and installs a hidden camera in Emma’s room. By witnessing the young love, he blossoms and takes new courage to live. He finds something like a friend in Deniz, and his relationship with Emma also seems to improve. Markus only realizes that he has crossed an unforgivable line, when it is already too late.


Directing & Screenplay & Editing: Alexander Conrads
Florian von Leitner
Pasindu Goldmann
Set Sound: Marius Schaaf


Florian Reiners
Stella Holzapfel
Susanne Kubelka
Mehmet Daloglu


Awards & Festivals:

  • Trinationales Short Film Festival Offenburg