Joint Project 2019 of the MA Serial Storytelling at the ifs internationale filmschule köln
Webseries Project
Creators / Writers: Marina Cardozo, Matija Dragojević, Helena Lucas, Roma Raju

Genre: Comedy
Format: 7 x 10 minutes

»Perfection is a point of view.«

Ana Sofia, an ambitious overachiever, is excited to take on yet another challenge. After finishing her PhD in Quantum Computing and getting a job in a prestigious IT company, she wants to give something back to society: She decides to take on a teaching position at the least successful job training center in Germany.
However, meeting her new students she realizes that this is a challenge of a different nature. The five candidates of this mandatory government program have enrolled in the program for one reason only: attendance is required to be eligible for »employment support«. In fact, none of them want to learn a thing.
But Ana refuses to be disillusioned. Every week Gabriela, a passionate, pregnant, and self-destructive Brazilian immigrant; Hasan, an alpha male Chechen refugee who is pretending to be gay to get asylum; Sebastian, a drag queen with dreams of big fame; and Fatma, a conservative Turkish old lady, are confronted with Ana’s next attempt at teaching them a new subject.
Desperately trying to prepare them for the big test, Ana struggles again and again with Hasan’s rule-breaking,
Gabriela’s liberated sexuality, Fatmas conservatism, or Sebastian’s need for attention. Through (or maybe in spite of?) Anas didactic efforts, this unlikely group of people eventually starts to bond, and both students and teachers gradually realize that their imperfections are indeed what makes each one of them perfect.

Marina Cardozo