Project from the 4th semester of the ifs internationale filmschule köln
Germany 2009 | 9 min. | Feature Film

On a hot summer’s day, young Annabell sits in the smoky apartment of her old music teacher and practices on the saxophone. Since he can’t get his pupil to play the way he knows it from his old days, the teacher leaves the dark apartment to get cigarettes. Left alone, Annabell almost wants to give up, but when fate has an unexpected encounter in store for her.


Director: Lisa Violetta Gaß
Screenplay: Lisa Violetta Gaß, Duc-Thi Bui, Max Permantier
Producer: Max Permantier
DoP: Max Hüttermann
Editing: Nicola Poetter
Sound Design:  Luiz Melo Paiva e Silva
Production Design: Petra Klimek
Costume Design: Stefanie Bold, Lisa Violetta Gaß


Katrin Meißl
Johannes Kiebranz
Laurence Mense