God Wants It

Project from the 3rd semester of the ifs internationale filmschule köln
Germany 2006 | 12 min. | Feature Film

At Cologne West station, a group of crusaders is waiting for the “crusade” – the special train that will take them to the Promised Land to fight the last decisive battle of Christianity. In a documentary style, we approach these people and try to explore their motivation. But the longer the heavily armed troops stand on the platform with their feet in their stomachs, the more aggressive the atmosphere becomes. The situation threatens to escalate at any time.


Director: Markus Sehr
Screenplay: Clemente Fernandez-Gil
Producer: Mathias Krämer, Moritz Grenzebach
DoP: Gunar Peters
Editing: Franziska Schmidt-Kärner
Sounddesign: Christoph Schmucker
Production Design: Anna-Lena Wiemer
Costume Design: Katja Malez


Philipp Langenegger
Arno Kempf
Frank Albrecht
Markus Klauk
Oliver Schnelker
Thomas Wansing

Awards & Festivals

  • Nominated at 8. Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival Landshut 2007
  • 1. Unlimited Kurzfilmfest Köln 2006
  • 8. Internationales Kurzfilmfestival Bunter Hund München 2006
  • FilmLichter 06 International Short Film Festival Detmold 2006
  • 2. Halbbilder Kurzfilmfestival Magdeburg 2006
  • 2. Kurzfilmfestival Lüchow 2006
  • 30. Open-Air Filmfest Weiterstadt 2006
  • 13. Rüsselsheimer Filmtage Rüsselsheim 2006
  • 20 Min/Max Lange Nacht des Kurzfilms Ingolstadt 2006