Project from the 3rd semester of the ifs internationale filmschule köln
Germany 2006 | 9 min. | Feature Film

Dieter has been sitting at the station for two weeks listening to other people’s telephone conversations. As a bugging specialist, he is commissioned by the police to record the conversation of a target whose arrival is expected at all times… When Dieter accidentally encounters Belinda’s voice, he is immediately fascinated by her. He falls in love with her without ever having seen Belinda. While Dieter overhears a conversation between two pickpockets, it becomes clear that they want to rob Belinda. He has to make up his mind: Should he stay in his car and do his job, or does he venture out to save his Belinda?


Director: Felix Hassenfratz
Screenplay: Clemente Fernandez-Gil
Producer: Katrin Hohendahl
DoP: Jens Nolte
Editing: Annette Duwe
Sounddesign: Tilman Hahn
Production Design: Claus Rusicke
Costume Design: Vera Freckmann


Maximillian Hilbrand
Sandra Nedeleff
Kaspar Küppers

Awards & Festivals

  • 1. Platz NIL-Filmwettbewerb 2006