Heaven Without Earth

Graduation film of the ifs internationale filmschule köln
Germany 2021 | Feature film | Drama | 46 min. | Funding: Film- und Medienstiftung NRW

Turn on the TV, pull out your cell phone, open a newspaper. Everywhere it says the same thing: forest fires, floods, world hunger, capitalism, the end. Of everything. Turn off the TV, put down your cell phone, crumple up the newspaper. Surround yourself with beauty: your passion, your family, your friends. Distract yourself. Just like Alwa, Emil, Karl and Ivan. The four friends go on nature trips, break into other people’s cabins, drink too much wine and are always on the go. It is supposed to always go on. Go straight ahead. Deeper into the forest, across the fields and to the mountains.
But one morning the unexpected happens: Emil has disappeared. No one can explain it, everyone tries to understand it. The disappearance intensifies Ivan’s fear of loss, confronts Karl with his insensitivity and Alwa with her dependence on the group. The order of the world seems to be out of balance, as one by one every member of the group dissolves and never returns. There is no good and no evil, no right and no wrong, just the fact that our world can swallow anyone.


Directing: Arthur Brux
Aylin Alici
Mascha Albl
Hong Sim
Editing: Vlad Litvak
Sound Design: Holger Buff
Production Design: Mascha Wendel


Zoë Valks
Leonard Carow
Max Krause
Stefan Gorski