Graduation film 2018 of the ifs internationale filmschule köln
Feature film | Psychothriller | 45 min.
Funding: Film- und Medienstiftung NRW

An icy mountain landscape, a gloomy village, a remote clinic. During her internship in a spiritual clinic in the Allgäu, the young psychology student Lea immerses herself in a mysterious world of unorthodox therapy methods and demonic customs. Increasingly compulsively, Lea follows the dark pull of the place that surrounds her and more and more encapsulates her from the outside world. She quickly finds herself in a dangerous maelstrom of manipulation, abuse and violence. Soon the vague line between intern and patient begins to become completely blurred for Lea.


Director / Screenplay: Raphaela Selge
Producer: Manuel Zilleken
DoP: Jakob Gehrmann
Editing / Sound Design: Maximilian Rodegra
VFX: Mikko Beste
Production Design: Raphaela Selge, Jakob Gehrmann


Ronja Herberich
Peter Schneider
Lara Feith
Mario Canedo
Mona Kloos
Nathalie Taly Journo

Awards & Festivals

  • Fantastic & Horror Film Festival FIXION 2021, Chile
  • Kalakari Film Fest 2021, Dewas, India
  • Horror Film Awards 2021, Slovakia (BEST FEMALE DIRECTOR, BEST EDITOR, BEST SET DESIGN)
  • Horror Realm Convention, Pittsburgh, 2022