Limp ID

Project from the 3rd semester of the ifs internationale filmschule köln
Germany 2008 | 11 min. | Feature Film

Outside there is war and inside a bunker five soldiers hide for weeks in the enemy territory. While the long-awaited order to go into action takes time, they sit idly under the ground, trapped between concrete walls, fighting against time.
When the war finds peace for one day in the Christmas truce, it is the emerging sense of homeland that drives the men out of their peace in a variety of ways. It becomes more and more difficult for the commander to maintain the war morale of his soldiers. At the boiling point of the tension, the order to go into action finally arrives, but it demands the utmost from each individual what he is prepared to do for a war.


Director: Lisa Violetta Gaß
Screenplay: Duc-Thi Bui
Producer: Linda Kruse, Roshanak Khodabakhsh
DoP: Max Hüttermann
Editing: Nicola Pötter
Sounddesign: Luiz Melo Paiva e Silva
Production Design: Silke Witz, Elena Ellerbrok
Costume Design: Angelika Lomer


Andreas Grötzinger
Mike Hoffmann
Thorsten Feller
Ilja Niederkirchner
Sascha Stegner