Graduation film 2018 of the ifs internationale filmschule köln feature film | Drama | 24 min. Funding: Film- und Medienstiftung NRW

Malki, a young Israeli woman, struggles with her isolated couple-life in a sleepy German suburb. Another single day at home by herself might just make her lose her mind and so she heads out with the plan to go swimming. Yet, her simple trip to the public pool takes an unexpected turn into an absurd odyssey. Along her way Malki encounters esoteric bureaucratic rules and explores a frustrating variety of failed attempts to communicate to her new fellow citizens.

Finally, a bizarre pursuit with an uncanny stranger allows Malki to change perspective on her exilic state of mind and to discover a different means of communication beyond language.



Director / Screenplay: Naomi Kantor
Producer: Marius Kimmel
DoP: Mathis Hanspach
Editing / Mixer: Antonia-Marleen Klein
Production Design: Bohdan Adam Wozniak


Yael Igra
Mohamed Achour
Jonas Anders
Anna Brodskaja
Franziska Seifert
Liliom Lewald
Hacky Rumpel