A Jazz Punk Story
Final Project by Felipe R. Martinez | MA Digital Narratives
Germany 2021 | Transmedia Documentary
As a transmedia documentary, A Jazz Punk Story relays on 3 different platforms: a Documentary Film, an interactive web-doc, and a Virtual Reality Jazz Experience.
Length: Documentary 90 min | WebDoc 15 min | VR 10 min

Vision Statement

Art-House Cinema, Branching Narratives and Virtual Reality joins to deliver a tailored transmedia documentary, giving the audience the possibility to soak up in a lifetime history of Jazz and Rebellion, at levels of emotional involvement and interactivity never seen before.


An Arthouse Documentary about Jazz in these strange times, an interactive webdoc inside a Jam Session of rebellious music, and a VR Jam-Session with the documentary main characters featuring a layer of interactivity and visual effects never seen before.
»A Jazz Punk Story« is a transmedia documentary project directed by Felipe R. Martínez, a filmmaker who, during his years living in Japan, submerged into the world of Jazz and Rebel music, and since then has keep working with it worldwide.

The Documentary is a mixed style story about Jazz, Life and Communication, finally, it is also about the struggle of art in the times of pandemic. The main character is Motoharu, one of the best musicians of Japan, a lifetime punk, a gay activist and a iconoclast by vocation. The contemplation of his life and the pass of time (this story has been spanning for 7 years) creates a thread of existential questions while we assist to his glory, fall, and up rise into renewed fire. This is a story about the value of music and the uniqueness of every moment, and his last episode happens when through musical letters he stablishes a musical communication with musicians from the other side fo the globe, and how gradually this messages transforms into a musical suite that also comes along as a visual essay on the dazzling circus of life, and how music and stories can keep the fragile fire of human tenderness alive in the midst of a convulsed era.

»A Jazz Punk Story« is a web doc that leads the user into the an underground shelter for Jazz. Through a branched interactive doc interface, the audience can attend in first person the mood of the places where rebel music lingers on, interact with the locals, listen to his stories, feel the mood and, finally, enjoy a live show from the very center of the stage. This webdoc will offer a direct experience into a not so know world of wonderful culture

A Sax Punk VR is a 3D interface that allows the user to design its own Jam Session, choosing from 12 different Jazz Cats, avatars from real musicians from Japan, Europe and the Americas. Users can choose which song they will play, and then watch them perform in a gorgeous 3D Jazz Club. As the user plays, a Synesthesia effect can be activated to see their music fill the venue as dancing colors, and as the chorus comes, also decide who will solo next, queuing the band to take the Jam-Session upwards, making the club burn of Rebel Music! As a whole, this VR project complements the documentary but also looks forward to become a breath of fresh air and possibilities for World-Wide musicians, offering a simple, fresh way to get inspiration and collaborate between them, while promoting music and art with an international audience in the Digital Realm. This project looks forward to creating a new window for cultivation of Jazz into the 21st Century.

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