My Babysitter is a Witch

Joint Project 2019 of the MA Serial Storytelling at the ifs internationale filmschule köln
Writers’ Lab
Creators / Writers: Matija Dragojević, Michael Grießler, Ljubica Luković

Genre: Magical Comedy
Format: 52 x 11 minutes

»It spells like trouble.«


Mom and Dad are desperate – their little daughter Kiki (4) is un-babysittable! As adorable as you can imagine, Kiki is also a walking disaster that has managed to scare away every babysitter in town. Their older son Toby (11) might claim he is up to the task, but his idea of taking care of his sister often includes creating disasters of his own. That’s why the parents are over the moon when Wendy (14), a seemingly ordinary teenager, appears out of thin air to help. But there is much more to Wendy than meets the eye – she’s a witch!
The good thing is, a little magic might actually be the only thing that keeps Kiki under control. The bad thing? Wendy’s rookie magic doesn’t always work as expected, which is why she’s only allowed to use it for emergencies. But babysitting Kiki is almost always an emergency, and Toby is there to give Wendy a little nudge when she’s reluctant to use her powers.
This, of course, results in exciting catastrophes. Creating snow dinosaurs that come to life is never a good idea, and neither is summoning a pizza demon that turns everything he touches into (you guessed it) pizza. Kiki somehow keeps getting caught in the crossfi re – whether she’s taken hostage by her own hair or getting shrunk to the size of an ant in the family’s garden. But luckily, when Toby and Wendy team up, there’s no mess they can’t fix before Mom and Dad come home.
»My Babysitter is a Witch« is an animation series for kids between six and nine years.

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Michael Grießler