Once Upon a Time Gypsies

Graduation film 2009 of the ifs internationale filmschule köln
Germany 2009 | 26 min. | Feature Film

On their scrap yard the gypsies live a comfortable life. They make music, sing or just hang around and do nothing. When they are hungry, they steal or sell flowers. Yet like every society they have their problems ... and like every society they have their dreamers. Ramko the Gypsy Boy is not just a dreamer. He is an artist, a technician and an inventor. His dream is to go to America and become an astronaut. For this he is working on a broken tractor with which he wants to start the journey. When he realizes that only the right use of time can help him to repair the tractor, there is no turning back. Neither for him, nor for the gypsy girl Bluma, whom he takes along with him.


Director / Screenplay: Raluca Maria Rusu
Producer: Jonas Böhler, Florian Müssener
DoP: Driss Azhari
Editing: Driss Azhari
Sounddesign: Marcel Knuth
Production Design: Saskia van de Calseijde
Costume Design: Elisabeth Burgmer


Zejhun Demirov
Livia Ruiz Rosas
Sabrina Hodzic
Maria Theresa Ruiz Rosas
Wolfgang Decker- Tykwer
Drago Riter
Rudolf Rumstajn

Awards & Festivals

  • Nominated for Kölner Design Preis 2016, Köln