Graduation film of the ifs internationale filmschule köln
Germany 2020 | Feature film | Drama | 48 min. | Funding: Film- und Medienstiftung NRW

Ida has never been away from home for more than a week. Home, that is the cramped two-room apartment in Cologne that she’s been sharing with her mother Ildikó for 25 years. With Ildikó, who doesn’t take her pills, who is afraid of the neighbors and who has no one except her daughter. The job interview on Fehmarn offers Ida the chance to finally become independent, to finally be free. But can she leave her mother to her own devices that easily?
„Oyster“ tells of a symbiotic mother-daughter relationship, marked by affection, dependence and unspoken accusations. Of two women who get in each other’s way, who can’t stand the confinement and yet shy away from change. And of a small lie that binds them together even more tightly, while the rift between their feet grows ever wider.


Directing: Antonia Uhl
Nina Meyer, Antonia Uhl
Christopher Albrodt
Johannes Schmülling
Editing & Sound Design: Christoph Bargfrede
Production Design: Maren Buchholz


Lucie Hollmann
Nicole Marischka
Mareile Blendl
Angelika Richter
Laura-Anthea Heyner
Christopher Albrodt


Awards & Festivals:

  • Sehsüchte Filmfestival Potsdam, Germany
  • WUIFF White Unicorn International Film Festival, Calcutta, India 2021, BEST FEATURE FILM
  • Female Filmmakers Festival Berlin, Germany 2021, BEST SCREENPLAY & BEST PERFORMANCE
  • Women’s International Film Festival Abuja, Nigeria, 2022
  • Online-Festival Best Social/Family/Kids Film Festival Moviescreenpro, USA, 2022