Graduation film 2016 of the ifs internationale filmschule köln
Germany 2016 | 21 min. | Feature film
Funding: Film- und Medienstiftung NRW

Night in the city. A young woman walks alone on a bridge, her expression unreadable. She stops, hesitates for a second, then climbs over the railings and jumps to her death.

Mysteriously Mara survives and wakes up dazed and confused in a hospital. The doctors react strangely when she asks them to call her boyfriend Janis.

Mara then escapes the hospital only to find her apartment has been changed and taken over by a strange woman. No one recognizes her anymore and she seems to have completely fallen off the face of the world. The jump hadn’t killed her but rather changed her entire existence, her past had been undone. Uncoupled from life Mara stumbles around in her lost past and tries desperately to find a new entrance. But can we ever have something back when it is long gone?


Director / Screenplay: Lydia-Maria Emrich
Screenplay: Felix Engstfeld
Producer: Darius Cernota
DoP: Anne Schultze-Lindemann
Editing: Christopher Tworuschka, Lola Beck
Sound Design: Christopher Tworuschka, Jakob Jendryka
VFX: Tom Küspert
Gaffer: Florian Linke, Annegret Luitjens
Costume Design: Birte Krieg, Nina Stepuschin
Makeup: Carina Grallert, Julia Krämer
Production Design: Bohdan Wozniak


Saskia Rosendahl
Simone Müller
Felix Rech
Lilly Forgách


  • Cutting Edge Film Festival, Florida, USA 2016
  • Kinofest Lünen, Germany 11/2016
  • Filmtage Hückelhoven, Germany 11/2016
  • International Film Festival Rome, Italy 11/2016
  • Female Short Cuts, Düsseldorf, Germany 11/2016
  • Great Lakes International Film Festival Erie, USA 12/2016
  • International Film Festival Dhaka, Bangladesh 01/2017
  • Max Ophüls Preis Festival, Saarbrücken, Germany 01/2017
  • New Renaissance Film Festival Amsterdam, Netherlands 03/2017
  • Tatort-Eifel, Daun, Germany 09/2017
  • Fernsehkrimi Festival, Wiesbaden, Germany 03/2018


    • New Renaissance Film Festival Amsterdam, Netherlands 03/2017: “Best Actress” (Saskia Rosendahl) + “Best Debut or Student Film”
    • Tatort-Eifel, Daun, Germany 09/2017


    • New Renaissance Film Festival Amsterdam, Netherlands 03/2017: “Best Debut or Student Film”