Nordmonat / North Month

Graduation script 2016 of the ifs internationale filmschule köln
by Sven Wartig | Germany 2016

short synopsis
Liam becomes a berserk as soon as he falls asleep. His sleep disorder forces him to. As an aspiring policeman, however, he must not afford dark circles around his eyes or loss of control. At the same time every nightmare destroys his relationship a bit more. When the police find a mass grave, the next chaos germinates in him.


Liam Winter is a cop. He has to find a man who kills pregnant women and cuts out their larynx. Must digest an old case that robs him of sleep and whose consequences destroy his relationship. Must understand that he can’t control everything, and least of all himself.
Liam suffers from the so-called REM sleep behaviour disorder, so he lives out his dreams in an aggressive way and doesn’t know what happened the next day. Unable to cope with his feelings of guilt, he throws himself into the next chaos, which demands a lot more from him than he is actually able to bear.