Wachsüchtig / Awake addicted

Graduation Script 2016 of the ifs internationale filmschule köln
by Felix Engstfeld | Germany 2016

short synopsis
Novo (20) doesn't want to sleep another second. After five years in a coma, he burns up in the urge to catch up on what he missed - and thereby threatens to completely lose touch with the present.


Novo (15) exists. Without much enthusiasm. When one morning sports teacher Eberlin unexpectedly bites the dust, he gets a young trainee teacher instead of the old Schinder - and his existence makes sense. Novo is head over heels in love, and when he realizes that Mrs. Fischer (26) is also secretly squinting at his ass, he can hardly be stopped. He exaggerates during a sports lesson on high bar to provoke her and has an accident.
Five years later Novo (20) awakes from the coma.
What was yesterday for him is a nostalgic memory for the rest of the world. His father, his friends and also his wife Fischer - they have all changed. Soon Novo realizes how much of his life he missed. Existential fears break over him. He wants to jump out of his wheelchair, flee from his body and run away screaming. More and more he falls for the mania of having to catch up on everything he has missed. Novo doesn't want to oversleep another second of his life ...
A fever dream of missed youth. The panic of a scattered animal that has lost its herd. A blind flight through the thicket of puberty. A story about awakening. About growing up. About loneliness. And redemption.