Pulau Seribu

Project film of the ifs internationale filmschule köln | 3. semester | 17 min.

The very first memory as a child is deeply connected to Indonesia, country of birth, yet alien and familiar at once: A sailing boat is floating gently across the turquoise water somewhere between the thousand islands (Pulau Seribu) off the coast of Java.
Growing up far away from the country of birth, the absence of a loved one runs painfully through an entire childhood. Years later a son begins to search in the fragments of past memories for the imprint of his father.


Director / DoP: Laurenz Otto
Assistant DoP: Ann-Kathrin Pauly, Antonia Schäfer
Franziska Wieden
Editing / Sound:
Jonas Jablonski


Luca Parisi

Sergio Parisi

Awards & Festivals

  • Documentary Filmfestival »Stranger than Fiction« 2019