Project film of the ifs internationale filmschule köln 2018 | 2. semester | 7:49 min.
in cooperation with the University of Babelsberg

Matthew lives alone and withdrawn in an old chapel in the middle of the city. When he bricks up the main entrance door of the building, he finds out that ants have found their way from the outside into his kingdom. In the beginning, the small intruders were able to get him more and more out of control. The enemies conquer his habitat bit by bit and do not seem to stop at the holiest of his possessions. Surrounded and forced into a corner, the situation seems to escalate completely…


Director: Laurenz Otto
Screenwriting: Lukas Golletz
DoP: Sarina Laudam
Producer: Zakaria Rahmani
Editing / Sound Design: Dennis Osman
VFX: Simon Li
Production Design: Jan Zinn
Music: Duoni Liu & Felix Bock   


Eugen Pirvu

Awards & Festivals

  • International Festival of Film in Tetouan Marokko
  • KURZstummfilmfestival at Zeche Carl in Essen
  • Hafenkustkino Düsseldorf