Graduation film 2018 of the ifs internationale filmschule köln
Live-action animated | science fiction comedy | 10 min.

Earth has become uninhabitable. The remaining humans holed up and connected themselves to a virtual reality. To the delight of the cockroaches who have flourished ever since. When they build a rocket to fly to the moon and leave the destroyed earth behind, they accidentally wake up one of the last humans from his virtual dreams …


Director / Screenplay / VFX: Mick Mahler
Producer: Cedric Engels
DoP: Sabine Stephan
Editing: Jeannine Compère
Sound Design: Friederike Dörffler
Production Design: Franziska Hoh


Cedric Sprick

Awards & Festivals

    • Kölner Design Preis / Toby E. Rhodes Award 2018: 2nd place
    • 30. Bamberger Kurzfilmtage
    • Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival 2020, Seattle