Sektor BA38

Short film of the ifs internationale filmschule köln | 2. semester | Germany 2015 | 7 min.

Britta Küchenberg works as a receptionist in sector BA38 of a spaceship in orbit of VTX213. She spends her days typing endless lists of regulations or knitting socks. The sector was inadvertently not listed on the spacecraft’s map, which is why only very few people come by. The new, dedicated ship cartographer Ivo Gönner wants to change that. But first he has to pass Britta.


Director: Daniel Kunkel
Screenplay: Nina Meyer
Producer: Christopher Albrodt
DoP: Sabine Stephan
Editing / Sounddesign: Friederike Dörffler
VFX: Christoph Willerscheidt


Chiara Schoras
Andreas Schmidt