Graduation film 2009 of the ifs internationale filmschule köln
Germany 2009 | 28 min. | Feature Film
sponsored by the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW

What would you do if you ran over a dog? Would you continue driving or would you get out and face the situation? Sometimes the decisions we are faced with bring a turn that we didn’t expect. A journey full of new discoveries. This is exactly what happens to Jürgen, a terminally ill man on his way to the last thrill of his life. A roller coaster ride. But his destination, the roller coaster in Soltau, gives way to a journey that is far more challenging for him. On this journey he has to face his fears and fight against his inability to communicate with strangers. He can no longer flee as he has done all his life. Jürgen realizes that the path is the goal and that he simply has to let go. Letting go becomes his last liberation.


Director: Peter Hümmeler
Screenplay: Peter Hümmeler, Kim Düsselberg
Producer: Kim Düsselberg
DoP: Paul Pieck
Editing: Steffen Schmitt
Sounddesign: Karl Atteln
Production Design: Samuel Jaeger
Costume Design: Mirjam Hübner


Oliver Stritzel
Paula Kalenberg
Constantin Hochkeppel

Awards & Festivals

  • Publikumspreis NRW, Europäisches Kurzfilmfestival Unlimited 2009
  • Vilnius Film Shorts Vilnius, Littauen 2010
  • Shorts at Moonlight Kurzfilmfestival Frankfurt Höchst, Hofheim, Bad Soden, Mainz 2010
  • Kurzfilmfest für SchülerInnen “.mov” Köln 2010
  • 25th Cinema Jove International Film Festival Valencia, Spanien 2010
  • Wendland Shorts Herrenhaus Salderatzen, Lüchow 2010
  • new talents – biennale köln 2010
  • 21. Internationales Filmfest Emden-Norderney 2010
  • 22. Filmfest Dresden 2010
  • 11. Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival Landshut 2010