Graduation film 2018 of the ifs internationale filmschule köln
Feature film | Drama / Portrait | 75 min.

NIKO breaks into a disco, gets kicked out; meets Eva, robs her; takes a nap; is at the employment office, asks for a cookie; takes care of his best friend, wants to rob a bank; is thirsty, gets ignored; visits the cemetery, steals from a grave; meets an old lady, robs her; has dinner with his parents, chokes someone; sings in the laundromat; falls asleep at work, gets fired; has breakfast with the old lady, goes for a walk with her; sits in the park.

For Niko, social rules are alien. He lets himself drift aimlessly in everyday life and distinguishes himself, not because he defies rules, but simply because he does not obey them. He is always on the search and wants to discover new things, but he does not care what.


Director / Screenplay: Bünyamin Musullu
Producer: Charly Hoffmann
DoP: Jannis Danikas
Editing / Mixer: Friederike Dörffler


Bardo Böhlefeld
Ronja Herberich
Friederike Frerichs
Zlatko Cvijic
Dagmar Operskalski


  • Hofer Filmtage, Germany 10/2018
  • »On the Road« Film Festival 2020, Rom