The Stray

Graduation film of the ifs internationale filmschule köln
Germany 2021 | Feature film | Tragicomedy | 30 min. | Funding: Film- und Medienstiftung NRW

So far, Vincent hast successfully avoided growing up without any support or role models. Like a holy fool, he drifts through his life, learning nothing in the process and never changing. Responsibility, commitment, decisions, initiative – all of this is completely foreign to him.
But one day, when his carelessness causes the dog of his demented grandfather Theo to be run over, he unceremoniously packs his stuff and leaves his grandfather’s apartment. Vincent has to find a new place to sleep. When he rescues the single mother Zala from the advances of two petty criminals, he is allowed to move in with her. As usual, however, he has not thought about the consequences of his actions and is suddenly confronted not only with the revenge of the small-time crooks, but also with Zala’s daughter.


Directing, Screenplay: Björn Grzemba
Mike Fuhrmann
André Becker
Editing & Sound Design: Patrick Hanemann
Production Design: Annika Mechelhoff, Leon Gensler, Nicole Kwaczynska, Marie-Sophie Wolf


Simon Morzé
Cora Trube
Anna Herrmann
Jens Weisser
Niklas Kremslehner
Uwe Schmieder
Thomas Krutmann