Graduation film 2016 of the ifs internationale filmschule köln
Germany 2016 | 28 min. | Feature film

The overworked architect Leon longs for a shoulder to lean on – whereas his confident girlfriend Jenni feels he’s neglecting their relationship because of his obsession to build them a safe future.
When Jenni leaves the apartment after a fight, Leon is heartbroken. But then there emerges a digital copy of Jenni out of his 3D-architecture software - who helps him get better and is not judgemental at all. Leon can’t help but fall in love with her, too. When the real Jenni comes back, Leon is stuck.


Director: Helena Lucas
Screenplay: Sebastian Köthe
Producer: Robert Schaefer
DoP: Björn Weber
Editing /Sound Design/ Music: Marco Heibach
VFX: Dimitri Makrinic
Gaffer: Christophe Poulles, Thorsten Gruna
Costume Design: Theresa Holewa
Makeup: Fabian Regula, Maiya Jobs
Production Design: Daniel Schäfers


Jacob Matschenz
Luise Helm


  • Max Ophüls Preis Festival, Saarbrücken, Germany 01/2017
  • Flimmerfest, Hamburg, Germany 05/2017
  • Cump Film Festival, Nairobi, Kenya 06/2017
  • Great Message International Film Festival , Pune, India 09/2017
  • CyBorg Film Festival, Italy 09/2017
  • Baltic Film Art Festival, Neustadt, Germany 09/2017
  • Anatomy: Crime- Horror International Film Festival, Athens, Greece 10/2017
  • Ringerike International Youth Film Festival, Norway 11/2017
  • Videofilmtage Mainz, Germany 11/2017