Graduation film 2016 of the ifs internationale filmschule köln
Germany 2016 | 5:30 min. | short film and sitcom-prologue

Antonia (29) wants to save her relationship with Max by cooking the perfect dinner. But things don’t really work out and the bread goes up in flames. Rocco, the pizza delivery guy, must help out. But Max won’t show up. Toni receives an accidental phone call from his pocket and knows: She’s out of the picture. He’s got an affair.

Toni, frustrated and disappointed, drinks from a bottle of red wine and doesn’t notice putting her apartment on fire. While the flames spread out, she enters the alcohol delirium on her cuddly pillow.

The worst fire station in town is called to the scene. Toni awakes in a nightmare. Firefighter Bruno kicks her front door out of its hinges like a raging bull. Although it’s definitely not the right time for that, he tries to flirt with her. But before shocked Toni can think of a reaction, the pressure in the bottle of champagne from tonight’s failed perfect dinner grows. Bruno gets shot by its cork. There he lies on the ground, firefighter of the year 2006, helpless. Toni rises like a phoenix. She must rescue her rescuer. Her unintended baptism of fire ends in a disastrous night in the fire department.

The short film TONI AMONG THE STRONG is a prologue for a sitcom-concept of the same title. Toni will soon be the first female firefighter in this testosterone-dominated environment and bring an era of chauvinism and playing pocket pool to its end.


Director: Levin Hübner
Maximilian Lippemeier und Peter Furrer
Nils Lehmbruck
Martina Di Lorenzo
Holger Buff
Sound Design:
Jakob Jendryka
Production Design:
Martin Scherm
Costume Design:
Dominik Schmitt
Nicole Gnoth
Matthias Backmann


Teresa Rizos
Jakob Leo Stark
Gregor Kuhlmann
Brice Rugira


  • Grenzland Filmtage Selb, Germany 04/2017