Under the Skin

Graduation film of the ifs internationale filmschule köln
Germany 2020 | Feature film| Migration drama | 20 min.

Before Aksana goes to sleep, she turns on the light. Time and again, the past comes back to haunt her when the horrors of her homeland become real in her dreams and rob her of sleep. Aksana is a stranger in Germany. Even though she finds distraction here and there during the day distraction here and there, and music offers her a chance to make cautious contacts, every day is followed by a new night. And the next morning, Aksana is still one of the refugees in Germany who has never really arrived. Because she can only arrive when she is allowed to stay safely.


Directing, Screenplay: Matthias Atzinger
Apostolos Sivridis
Ann-Katrin Pauly
Editing & Sound Design: Jonas Jablonski
Production Design: Cedric Engelbrecht


Victoria Chilap
German Gorst
Lucia Schulz
Katharina Hintzen
Elias Reichert

Preise & Festivals

  • Nomination “Kölner Design Preis” 2020