Graduation Screenplay by Ruben Schlembach
Screenplay for feature film | tragicomedy | approx. 90 min.

Warsaw is cold and strange. Bruno goes anyway. He has an appointment with Ronja. They used to be a couple, now they are separated. But he knows he still loves them, and tomorrow is New Year’s Eve. They said they spend the days together.

So Bruno waits for them at the track, and when the train arrives and he raises his eyes expectantly, she is not there. He calls her, does not reach her, but Bruno knows that the next train will arrive in a few hours. She will be sitting in it. He leaves the station. Children throw water bombs at him. His car is no longer there, stolen. His jacket was in it, it’s gone now. He is freezing. He doesn’t know where to go and stumbles off. So a shitty night begins for him, an odyssey through the dreary streets of Warsaw.

In search of his car, his paths cross again and again with the people of this inhospitable city. He meets a disguised adventurer, a romantic taxi driver, a cheated bus driver. They misunderstand him and show him around, explaining to him what love has to look like. But Bruno is convinced that he already knows what she looks like and continues to wait for Ronja’s arrival.

Only the acquaintance of a maltreated, crippled dove makes him doubt. On a bench in the park they witness a natural phenomenon together, and the dove sits with him and seems to ask: What does love look like now?

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