You Are Not Alone

Project from the 4th semester of the ifs internationale filmschule köln
Germany 2010 | 13 min. | Feature Film

Can we save our love with little lies or should we be honest with each other? Hedy and Mike decide for one solution – their inner voices for the other.


Director: Anne Maschlanka
Screenplay: Ingrid Kaltenegger
Producer: Su-Jin Song, Jan Beek, Simon Louwen
DoP: Max Hüttermann
Editing: Lucas Seeberger
Sounddesign: Jan Pusch
Production Design: Anne Schiek
Costume Design: Grete Kellermann
Mask: Isabella Beyer


Franziska Arndt
Katalyn Bohn
Martin Skoda
Cyrill Schausten
Ilse Strambowski
Leonie Viktoria Mertens