Time X

Graduation film of the ifs internationale filmschule köln
Germany 2021 | Feature Film | Comedy | 24 min.| Funding: State Chancellery of Thuringia

A large construction site shortly before completion. All the cables have been laid, the wall paint has dried and the final inspections are underway. Site manager Thomas Zetzsche is proud of what he and his team have created. Something concrete out of nothing. Order out of chaos. A modern dream made of concrete and glass. But suddenly, more and more deficiencies appear. Cables lead nowhere, the fire protection system goes haywire and entire rooms seem to disappear without a trace. Thomas rushes from meeting to meeting, trying to bring order to the chaos, until he finally realizes that he can no longer keep the scheduled opening date. He has to ask himself what his own role is in this flawed system and what consequence he will draw from it.


Directing, Screenplay: Simon Schneider
 Simon Schneider, Dario Haramustek
Franziska Wieden
Martina di Lorenzo
Editing & Sound Design: Tim Egner
Production Design: Jessica Kaczmarek
VFX: Sebastian Esposito, Lukas Wieg


Cornelius Schwalm
Annekathrin Bach
Theresa Berlage
Stephan Benson
Marc Fischer
Hanna Werth
Karolina Horster