All study programs at the ifs have an artistic-scientific profile.

Film and media studies are an integral part of all curricula in the BA Film as well as in the Master’s programs Serial Storytelling and Digital Narratives. Artistic and social innovation through research and development is one of the aims of the Master’s programs at ifs. Theoretical and artistic research questions from the field of linear and non-linear audiovisual media in the context of a globalized world are at the centre of our research. In addition to media history, exemplary contents include media research on reception behaviour, user research and user experience.

Three academic professorships supervise the interdisciplinary fields of Film Studies, Comparative Media Studies and Digital Narratives – Theory – and initiate significantly scientific research projects or are involved in them:

Student research projects In the third semester of the Bachelor program Film, students have the opportunity to pursue an artistic research project within the framework of their academic achievements. Artistic and scientific research can be conducted in all disciplines as well as transdisciplinary.

In the Master’s program Serial Storytelling, the second semester is dedicated to the research and development of innovative serial formats, building on the knowledge and skills acquired in the first semester. After a detailed analysis of the current market situation and future trends in the seminar »Today’s and Future Serial Formats«, the students work on an artistic research project on the topic of »Innovation in Serial Narrative« during their semester break. In intensive research, they deal with perspectives of serial narrative and thus broaden their professional horizon with regard to unusual serial narrative forms.

The Digital Narratives Master’s program gives students the opportunity to use artistic and scientific research in the field of innovative narrative forms to develop master’s projects which pursue approaches that go beyond the needs of the market. In a learning and research community with fellow students and lecturers, students develop new artistic, technological and entrepreneurial ideas and projects. The development process is always understood as a process of artistic research. Students are invited to define their own research focuses and questions and to pursue them within the framework of their project work. Part of these studies is also the research of methods and technologies used in project work.