Anikó Mangold

Anikó Mangold grew up in a Hungarian village. She earned an MA in Film Theory at ELTE Budapest in 2014. Since then, she has been working as a freelancer on short fictions, feature films, and documentaries. In 2017, she started working as a development producer at Otherside Stories (»Erasing Frank«), enjoying the business behind the art. Currently, her focus is on two scripts of her own: a feature film, »Sinful Virgin«, and a mini series, »Salvation«.

»I write to create connections. Connections to people and connections between people. I write to make them and myself aware of issues, and to realize that discussions can always be reinvigorated and are worth the effort. I write stories about people, regardless of genres. The focus is on emotions, thoughts, and not necessarily on circumstances, just like in life.«

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