Gülin Küllü

Gülin Küllü is a writer/screenwriter from Istanbul, who feels a constant need to search and hunt the stories of the past and present, with a focus on urban ghosts, history, and pure human drama. After earning her BA degree in Film and Television, she worked on documentaries. She then turned her interest to writing and worked as a junior writer in TV series writers’ rooms in Turkey before moving to Germany. Currently, she is developing several series projects for the international, German and Turkish series markets.

»Creating multi-layered, detailed, complex stories where all the pieces matter is something I do regularly to entertain myself and keep my mind busy. I’m happy to turn my habit into a career, and I would love to work on dramas, dramedies, comedies, and period pieces with compelling stories and characters.«







Pillow Talk

The Nature of All

Bad Influences