Hernando Sandoval

Hernando Sandoval is from Mexico City. Although his BA is in Fashion, he has done everything in the creative world: from theater production to managing the communications team of a large fashion e-commerce. His decision to never stop playing led him to direct, photograph, and act in several short films throughout his life. He has also done his share in writing, from poems to research papers, from opinions to fiction. Finally, he is doing what he should have been doing from the beginning: tell stories.

»Remember that feeling when  you’re about 13 and playing with your toys is not doing it anymore? I do. That’s when I promised myself I would never stop playing. That’s writing for me: the funny stories, the scary stories, the dramatic stories, the amazing stories, the hard stories, the necessary; you know, keep playing.«




The F-Wor(l)d




The Nature of All

Faking Wellness