Lucas Brunelli Donnard

Absolvent des MA Digital Narratives


Lucas is a Brazilian-born writer, director, and creative producer focused on designing inspiring narratives and sensory-enticing experiences for the Digital Age.

He holds a BA in Directing for Film & TV and dedicated his time inside the MA Digital Narratives to the craft of narrative design in interactive digital narratives. This led to the development of two master’s projects: an interactive rendition of his original series concept Der Grund Unter Berlin and the interactive graphic novel, Persoma, developed alongside his colleague and graphic artist David Vernaglione.

His versatile back-catalog, ranging from film to transmedia, installation art, and music videos, has been showcased in venues such as the Cannes Film Festival and multiple art galleries. In his home country Brazil, he helped established the video production department of the Sonasterio Studios, nowadays one of the top-three music production companies in the country.

Currently, he manages the screenwriter’s collective Pretty Good Ideas, a collab of international writers based in Köln and Berlin, working in several productions across the European creative industry.