Abschlusspräsentation des MA Digital Narratives

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Die Teilnehmer des ersten Jahrgangs des internationalen Masterstudiengangs Digital Narratives haben am 20.07. ihren Abschluss gefeiert. Im Rahmen einer Präsentation und Ausstellung haben sie ihre Abschlussprojekte vorgestellt, die sie während ihres zweijährigen Studiums entwickelt haben – darunter Mixed Reality-Projekte und Filme. Der Rundgang durch die Ausstellung war für ein interessiertes Publikum geöffnet. Der zweite Jahrgang des MA Digital Narratives startet zum Wintersemester 2018/19.

Hier geht’s zur Bildergalerie.
Hier finden Sie weitere Informationen über die Absolvent*innen und  ihre Abschlussprojekte.

Nine media professionals from all over the world spent the last four semesters exploring and developing innovative narrative forms in digital media. On July 20, the first class of graduates will present their Master’s projects.

Here you can find some pictures of the Final Presentation.
Here you can find detailed information about the alumni of the Master’s Program Digital Narratives and their projects.


11 a.m.
Graduation Ceremony and  Presentations

from 12.30 p.m.
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Graduates & Projects:

مُرتفق – HABITATION, Grief of 100 million
HABITATION is a web series that focusses on the Middle Eastern society’s most unspoken disease ‘depression’ in the young generation to help raise more awareness. HABITATION is also a Transmedia project that uses social media as an opportunity for audiences to fi nd each other and communicate about the unspoken.
by Ziad Aladdin

STORIES OF OUR FORGOTTEN CITY is a Virtual Reality Experience that allows the user to wander through a (de)constructed version of San Salvador’s historical center while listening to memories about it from people who belong to different generations and social groups that live in and outside of the area. It’s a journey through the collective memory of the historical center.
by Jimena Aguilar

UNDERCROFT represents the application of a new model for divided intellectual property (IP). It is a story world founded on open concept principles that consists of participation in exchange for partial ownership of the IP. Starting with a science fiction 360-video, users are drawn into a story that they can help develop. Once their contribution is approved and verified, successful authors receive equity proportionate to their contribution to the growing story world.
by Marsha Courneya

Malki, a young Israeli woman, struggles with her new life in Germany. As a simple trip to the public swimming pool turns into an absurd odyssey, a bizarre pursuit with a stranger allows her to change her perspective on her exilic state of mind and develop an unlikely friendship.
by Naomi Kantor

FIVE PLACES TO REMEMBER is a five-channel video installation shot on location in five cities worldwide by filmmaker Pedro Lacerda. It visually and spatially transforms the electroacoustic compositions of musician Fernando Iazzetta, turning an acoustic journey through the fi ve cities into an installation composed
of five projected canvases and multi-channel audio. FIVE PLACES TO REMEMBER embodies the visuality of the music and the musicality of the city.
by Pedro Lacerda

Throughout the world, global warming is affecting the prospects of human life. Local communities in the Peruvian Andes encounter increased vulnerability since dramatic shifts in the climate and landscape transform the way they engage with their environment. In Peru’s Cordillera Blanca Mountain Range, global climate change has generated deadly glacial lake outburst floods and glacier avalanches, killing nearly 25,000 people since 1941. As melting glaciers flow into mountain lakes, entire cities face the prospect of destructive floods.
by Alexander Luna and Noah Walker-Crawford

Sergueï Krikaliev is the last Soviet citizen. In 1991, his country collapsed, and with it, its dream. The problem: Krikaliev wasn’t there to see it fall apart. He wasn’t even on earth. RE:SET is a theatre transmedia experience where participants help Serguei, the forgotten cosmonaut, come back to earth. The narrative is deployed over multiple platforms, such as a website, social media, geolocation and an immersive and interactive theatre environment.
by Guillaume Saindon

WHITE RABBIT / unkn0wn
WHITE RABBIT explores entry points into a storyworld, known as rabbit holes. By analyzing and evaluating mechanics and technology in combination with narrative elements, the project investigates how to get users’ attention and hook them into an experience. For this purpose, the transmedia experience unkn0wn is created, focusing on rabbit holes. The findings should serve as a reference to derive guidelines for designing effective doorways into storyworlds.
by Markus Santner

In the podcast series THE GAP, Chloé Trieu, the host, decides to go on a personal journey into the gap, which she describes as an in-between men and women, a place of disconnection and misunderstandings. On her way, she meets three persons with whom she reflects on identity, privileges, gender roles, gender spectrum, and male and female energies. The series ends on a positive gender-neutral message for anyone on an identity quest.
by Chloé Trieu