Gewinner des ersten ifs und ZDF Digital Kurzfilm-Contests

Im Rahmen des ersten »ZDF Digital ifs Kurzfilm-Contest« haben 13 ifs-Studierende in 9 Teams innerhalb von 96 Stunden Kurzfilme zum Thema »Vertrauen« entwickelt – mit der ZDF Digital-App RizeCut. Die Jury hat nun die Gewinner*innen der 5 Kategorien ausgewählt: Den Hauptpreis »Content Playground Award« gewinnen Eliane Eid und Alexandra Tamayo mit ihrem Projekt »The battle of trust« – sowie die Kategorie »Best Mobile Storytelling«. Corinne Le Hong gewinnt mit »New Social in Amsterdam« in der Kategorie »Best use of Mobile Devices« und Sarthak Bhasin mit »Trust« in der Kategorie »Best Creative Approach«. Felipe Martinez mit »Drei Fragen über Vertrauen« erhält den »Audience Award« für den meist gesehen Film auf YouTube. Am 20.11. findet die Preisverleihung im Rahmen der Content Convention statt.

Hier die Jurybegründungen für dei einzelnene Kategorien:

With their film “New Social in Amsterdam”, Corinne and Lazlo le Hong show impressively how you can use your mobile device to match the production of more complex reports. Recorded and edited in portrait format, the film is initially optimized for mobile viewing. Nevertheless, elements of classic reportage such as „picture in picture“ cuts alternate with deliberately chosen mobile forms of use and narration. The smartphone shows what it can really do as a mobile companion: namely, being right in the middle and always there when something happens.
We therefore award the film first place in the “Best Use of Mobile Devices” category.

The film „Battle of Trust“ by Alex Tamayo and Elaine Eid initially takes the user on a journey to distant Libanon. Expressive dance in a fascinating mountain setting is initially taken as an intro, but then again and again as connecting cuts for the actual content elements: people who stand up for freedom of speech or stand up against racism – trust can be felt in the most varied of figures and events. Even the toddler trusts his mother’s smile, which he crawls towards, beaming with joy. Because trust is a basic instinct of people who are born good and see the good in others. And with this basic instinct, which in turn is wonderfully reflected in the expressive dance and the gestures and facial expressions of the intercuts, the film dissolves its story and shows the world what trust can really do – and that is so infinitely MORE than a child’s smile .
It is also impressive that in some sequences it becomes very clear that the film would not have been conceivable without the mobile device: Some situations are too dangerous, it is too tense for journalists, crowds and regimes that are or are totalitarian Suppress the freedom of reporting by filming with a classic shoulder camera. But it works with a smartphone. Incidentally, this FILM was also in the final selection for the “Best Use of Mobile Devices” award.
We award the film first place in the “Best Mobile storytelling” category.

Creativity is difficult to grasp because it cannot be squeezed into schemes: Individualism is what defines creativity and going new ways – or using well-known methods in new ways – speaks in favor of the fact that there can be no fixed evaluation schemes if it’s about creativity.
The film „Trust“ by Sharthak Bhasin is set entirely in India and approaches the topic of „trust“ by telling the story of someone you have to represent like no other: It’s about a key maker who gives keys to his customers manufactures for almost everything that is dear to them – and above all expensive – including the home with all its possessions and one’s own car.
The camera work of the mobile phone is based on that of a classic camera: Although the cutlery is minimal, the film does not lack any visual element of a report produced by a large team. Through creative use of the device, the director manages to make the user forget that the picture was ultimately created by a simple device out of his pocket. There are possibilities here, especially for reporting from distant countries: The complex equipment and cost-intensive production standards are not always necessary to still produce professionally clean and creatively appealing films.
We therefore award the film first place in the Most Creative Apporach category.

The Audience Award „Most Watched“ shows us what power a community can have for a filmmaker. All submitted films were published on YouTube and could only be viewed here. Through the statistics, the jury could thus find out which film was most captivating or interesting in the eyes of the viewers. With 1,614 views, the film „Three Questions about Trust“ by Felipe Martinez emerged as the winner in the „Most Watched“ category.

It was clear to the jury that the main prize could only come from one of the winners in the sub-categories. The films submitted were all together extremely creative, showed how you can work and produce with mobile devices and are a good example for that shows how you can work with mobile reporting. But one film was so good that it made it into the final selection for us in several categories and has shown that it is always at the forefront in terms of technology, creativity and storytelling.
We are therefore awarding the film “Battle of Trust” by Alex Tamayo and Elaine Eid the Content Playground Award 2020, the main prize of this Evening.