The Disappointments Room

Collaboratives Projekt 2017 im MA Serial Storytelling der ifs internationale filmschule köln
von Julian Brink, Ana Khatchikian, Eric List, Javiera Risco 

»Enter at your own misfortune!«


You are cordially invited to the ancestral mansion of the Evers family. The Victorian fixer-upper is a real treasure trove for an urban photographer like yourself. But no one told you about the mystery that has cursed the house for decades:

For Charles and Helen Evers there was nothing they desired more than to hear the laughter of children echoing through their hallways. After several failed attempts and one stillbirth, Helen finally welcomed a baby girl into the world. Ashamed and disgusted by his intersex daughter, Charles decided to hide her inside a disappointments room; built for children with special needs or deformities to be confined to. Together with his mistress he kept the secret from his wife for several years, until she grew suspicious after finding a note from her presumed-dead daughter, Louise. But unfortunately, the two would never meet …

Step by step, as you start forward across the attic, you unveil the traces of the past by rifling through old boxes, furniture, books, old letters, and other documents, until you finally discover the shocking truth that lies within the disappointments room.

The challenge was to create a game for Virtual Reality from scratch, using Unity as an engine to build a prototype.

Ana Khatchikian