»Haptische Hände« by Cathal Kerins

For a 1:1 CONCERT, a host is an emotional companion and instigator of the experience. Hands are a cross-cultural symbol of greeting and connection. They are also the medium through which musicians play their instrument. This combination of music and human connection is symbolized through the hands and accentuated through the vibration of the hands which raises the anticipation of participant and host. The contrast of silence and sound and the non-verbal communication are enhanced through this invisible connection to the hand of the other.

Holding the hand during the procession to the concert allows for a tactile conversation to take place, connecting the participant more fully to the others present. This allows for the intensity of the human connection to be raised without physically touching the other person, all the while allowing for a tactile sense of touch to happen between host and participant. Hands are the touching organ and Haptische Hände allows for us to touch each other once again and feel the connection without breaking personal space and boundaries.