Bad Influences

Gemeinschaftsprojekt 2021 im MA Serial Storytelling der ifs internationale filmschule köln

Writers‘ Lab
Creators / Writers: Daniel Brennecke, Gülin Küllü, Pablo Perafan

Genre: Dark Comedy
Format: 6 x 40 minutes
Status: Series bible with 6 episode outlines

Oh, the things we do for clicks.

Olivia needs money to save her grandmother’s pub, and her friend Vera, a social media addict with anger issues, has a plan. The girls break into the home of the famous Youtube family »Die Familie Sauber«, but they end up getting caught by Shiny, the family’s good-for-nothing son. He promises to keep his silence, if they help him destroy his family’s internet empire by breaking into Youtubers’ homes and uploading videos that mock them.

As it turns out, the trio is not only good at it, but also finds the thrill they have been missing in their lives. As the Gang becomes an Internet sensation, a task force of influencers led by Shiny’s parents is after them. Shiny is forced by his family and his girlfriend to continue working as an influencer, otherwise his family’s home turns into a combat zone, perfectly hidden from the cameras. Despite her doubts, Olivia continues with the break-ins, while Vera finds an outlet for her anger issues, while the growing of their social media fame triggers her social media addiction.

The police aren’t the only ones after them: Shiny’s mother finds evidence of her sons’ involvement in the break-ins, his girlfriend blackmails them into committing more burglaries for her profit, and his former influencer friends mobilize an army of crazed fans to catch them. Now it’s too late to give up, they have caused a mayhem that anyone with a cellphone can easily witness … and enjoy.


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