Dark Prism

Gemeinschaftsprojekt 2021 im MA Serial Storytelling der ifs internationale filmschule köln

Writers‘ Lab
Creators / Writers: Asli FIliz, Ricardo Ortega Clavel, Johannes Oschwald Jorge Patiño

Genre: Near-Future Coming-of-Age Drama
Format: 6 x 45 minutes
Status: Concept

Better than real.


The term »idol« has been in use since the 1920s to refer to popular trendsetters. Now a worldwide phenomenon, idols are a multi-billion dollar industry where image is king. DARK PRISM takes this concept to portray the dark future of entertainment of business. In our world, idols exist as carefully crafted personas created and managed by agencies like LUX, one of the top media companies. They profit out of the idol’s popularity, using their diverse talents to market a lifestyle. In a world that grows lonelier every day, LUX sells the virtual promise of friendship, love, companionship, and entertainment, presented with a beautiful yet deceitful facade.

Blue, the most popular idol in LUX, is going to debut alongside idols Violet and Ruby as a band called DARK PRISM. When Violet commits suicide, jaded Blue decides to leave her idol life behind. Meanwhile, ambitious Clara is picked to replace Violet. In order to achieve her dreams, Clara must be willing to sacrifice her own identity.

The two mirroring stories of Blue and Clara showcase the consequences of an environment that aims to exert total control. Blue’s story is a quest for freedom: she must overcome the obstacles and threats that LUX throws her way. Clara’s journey takes us through the initiation process of a cult-like company: we see the psychological toll that becoming a star demands. In an increasingly fake world, these characters have to find their true self.


Johannes Oschwald
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