Faking Wellness

Gemeinschaftsprojekt 2021 im MA Serial Storytelling der ifs internationale filmschule köln

Writers‘ Lab
Creators / Writers: Giovanna Boeri van der Zee, Anikó Mangold, Peter Neugebauer, Hernando Sandoval

Genre: Comedy/Drama 
Format: 8 x 30 minutes
Status: Story bible with episode outlines

Ready for your mental break(down)?

FAKING WELLNESS is that sweet spot between being a teenager and being an adult. It is also about the silent third: that 33 % of Germans with mental health problems in a world where they are »the exception«. This honest, hilarious and far too human show guarantees heart-stopping moments and laughs.

An ensemble of mentally unstable employees faces the challenge of proving themselves professionally on a daily basis while their hotel works to earn its 5th star. Together they have their ups and downs, but eventually they learn to confront and comfort each other, realizing that there is no normal on this planet.

In this first-class hotel, guests expect nothing but a fantastic stay. But even if the front facade seems so perfect, the stress level in the back corridors is sure to boil over at any moment. Even as they pretend, the employees struggle hard to stay in control.

All of our characters have different health problems and their own way of dealing with them: a new cleaning lady with bipolar disorder looking for a chance to prove herself, a crooked manager with a heart of gold, a 94-year-young housekeeper with a passion for German rap, a burned-out business school dropout working as a fitness trainer, and an ambitious bartender working in a place where alcohol is banned.


Peter Neugebauer
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