Father of Akka

Projekt aus dem 3. Semester der ifs internationale filmschule köln und des Beit Berl College in Israel 
Deutschland / Israel 2018 | 19 Min.| Dokumentarfilm

Der Film ist Bestandteil eines interkulturellen Dokumentarfilmprojekts der ifs und des Beit Berl Colleges in Israel. Unter dem Titel »Sympathy for the other« haben sich Studierende beider Schulen mit Fragen nach nationaler Identität, Multikulturalität und Migration beschäftigt.

A street cat called Abu Akka takes us on a stroll through his hometown, where he finds himself lost and connected at the same time. He grew up in a far from perfect neighborhood, where the rules were known by its residents. Abu Akka’s past is overshadowed by a prank he did as a child that went disastrously wrong. He was consequently sent to prison as a small child and still faces the consequences of that day. But he also remembers the good times in this fisherman town. His first and only love: Celine, a Swiss backpacker, he met in Akka. Abu Akka tells us his story as a mosaic of memories.


Regie/Kamera/Produktion: Katja Tauber
Regie: Vera Grinblat
Produktion: Marius Kimmel

Ahmad Massarwi, Maya Sikron
Editor: Antonia-Marleen Klein
Sound Supervisor: Eshkar Galili
Interpreter on Set: Ahmad Massarwi
Research and Production manager: Maya Sikroun




Preise & Festivals

• Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival, Tel Aviv (Israel)