Collaboratives Projekt 2019 im MA Serial Storytelling der ifs internationale filmschule köln
Webseries Project
Creators / Writers: Lauren Glover, Michel Kiwic, Ljubica Luković, Motaz Matar

Genre: Thriller / Dark Comedy
Format: 8 x 10 minutes

»Surviving the woods is easy, surviving your friends is hard.«


Jack and Sierra, a picture-perfect couple behind a popular YouTube channel, prepare their most ambitious video yet: Jack is going to propose to Sierra on top of a mountain. But the proposal already happened. This is just a fake recreation for their fans (like most of their other »authentic« videos).
Jack’s best friend, Cameron, comes along to film the whole charade during a weekend trip in the deep woods. But what was supposed to be a dream getaway, quickly turns into a nightmare, when accidents start happening, equipment goes missing, and an intruder appears.
This shocking and exciting series exposes the ugly truth wannabe celebrities try to hide from their adoring fans – like the fact that Sierra is with Jack only for the money, that the intruder is actually her lover who wants to stop the wedding, and that Cameron is secretly in love with Jack.

Ljubica Luković