Losing It

Collaboratives Projekt 2017 im MA Serial Storytelling der ifs internationale filmschule köln
von Marina Bendocchi Alves, Eric Bitencourt, Ana Khatchikian, Eric List, Ugne Pikutyte, Javiera Risco 

»Meet your new fairy godmother from Hell!«


A nerdy college freshman must lose her virginity or be haunted for all eternity by her childhood imaginary friend.

While ripping through moving boxes in her new dorm, Winnie accidentally summons her old imaginary friend, Princess Peach, from a drawing. Now a chain smoker and compulsive liar, who loves the sound of clinking ice, Peach promises to find true love for her shy freshman on Tinder. In return, Winnie must lose her virginity and free Peach from her childhood chains.

Forcing her to be social again, Winnie’s fairy godmother from hell sends her on a spree of disastrous dates: Marilyn Manson; a perfect guy from Stepford; a bisexual frat boy and his jealous lover; a pretentious aspiring actor; a Christian Grey fanatic; and wannabe vampire, Edward.

As her life spirals out of control, Winnie finds a tower of strength in Sam, her original pipe dream crush, never realizing that her salvation from Princess Peach is closer than she thinks.

Eric List